Sofia Brunner
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Bon Melon

Bon Melon


Brand development

About: Bon Melon is a naturally flavored juice with the incredible nutritional profile of the watermelon. Both a fruit and a vegetable, watermelon juice is packed with antioxidants, has as many electrolytes as coconut water, plus contains a whole bunch of lycopene and L-Citrulline, which is great for workouts and getting the blood flowing. Just as importantly, the watermelon is also the sexiest of all fruits: the embodiment of primal hedonism, it glistens with fun, sun and pleasure.

The Project: Create a visual identity and product packaging reflecting the products sexy benefits and newness in the market while differentiating itself from the main competition. Bon Melon represents sophistication, playfulness, style, wit, health and of course sexiness.

Generated a brand platform that reflects these characteristics. The visual identity concept embodies the name ‘Bon Melon’ with a custom-made handwritten font signifying a highly personal touch.  The logo extends into a broad marketing platform, leaving the consumer to imagine a sexy individual leaving them handwritten content across channels.

Client: Bon Melon
Agency: Freelance
Role: Creative Direction / Lead Designer / Creative Strategy
Year: 2016 - 2017

Goal: Launch the sexiest and healthiest drink in the US market in 2017.
Results: Launch 2017

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